You can go to jail becoming an admin at WhatsApp group

You can go to jail becoming an admin at WhatsApp group

The admin is responsible for the offending posts in the group but do you know how many group admins you are?

Right now you're spending more and more time on social media, right? So answer some of my questions. 

Question 1 - How many groups are you a member of in WhatsApp You know?

Question 2 - How many of those groups are you an admin for, you know?

Question 3 - Do you know how to find the answer to the next two questions?

If you do not know, start by asking the other questions in WhatsApp to know the answers to these questions. Because toothbrushes, shaving brushes, or laundry brushes will not work if you do not know that there are some strings, but if you do not know which group in WhatsApp we are an admin, then maybe we can go to jail.

You are not particularly active on WhatsApp, chatting with your family or friends. Whether you are active in certain groups or even on your contact list, anyone with a small number of people can make you an admin. If that person doesn't make you an admin, you can even become the group's admin!

The same risk to WhatsApp business 

The reach of WhatsApp in India is awkward and so is it dangerous. The number of people who truly believe every message on this app is huge. (There is no discrimination in religion, religion, age, income, education, etc.) And even though they understand that such a message would be wrong, the forwarding class is too big.

That is why rumors spread over WhatsApp reach the massacre of people in India. At that time, under pressure from the government, the WhatsApp company took control of forwarding the message, started showing that the message was forwarded and also had to run big ads in newspaper-TV about the responsible use of WhatsApp. We also know that at the time of election, every party uses the entire army on WhatsApp. The rest of the people are just ready to set fire to the soldiers of this army.

At such times several groups are raised. There are so many rumors on WhatsApp that following the virus, there are restrictions on forwarding messages back to WhatsApp. In addition, messages that bothered the average users of WhatsApp and especially the admins of various groups also circulated in WhatsApp. It contains the confusion of truth and untruth, as it always does in WhatsApp.

'Police and government read our messages', in addition to the usual, fixed sign ticks found in WhatsApp, 'if you see an additional tick you have been listed as objectionable.' "You can get arrested at any time ..." etc. Amidst a flurry of messages, the absolute and tangible truth is that we can really get into trouble if we don't use WhatsApp responsibly.

How are the risks?

Under the current circumstances, police from various states have started to issue 'advisories' for WhatsApp and all other social media users and admins. It talks about how to use social media wisely.

At the same time, especially with the purpose of administering WhatsApp, it is clear that any offensive, provocative, defamatory post will be shared Legal action can be taken against both the user and the admin. 'Bye 9 lists the laws under which such action can be taken against such people.

This list is long so it does not fall into the details here, but it is important that the list is long! An IPS officer from Maharashtra Police, WhatsApp Turning users' own groups into groups of 'admin only can post' types. The video that suggests the insert has also gone viral. Now, why is it important to know in which group we are a member and especially an admin?

Know about Bacteria and viruses

Such cases have also happened

A while back, according to a news report in the newspapers, a young man from Madhya Pradesh had to spend five to six months in jail as he became the admin of a group by 'default' WhatsApp in which the offending content was shared.

This is like understanding the seriousness of the word 'default'. According to reports, he was not the admin of the young group when this abusive post was shared. The person who was also the group admin left the group and then another person became the group admin. He also left the group. As a result, the young man became the admin of the 'default' group. His offense was so serious that he did not take it seriously that he himself became the admin in the group, and he did not consider it appropriate to leave the group if it did not suit him.

Now examine this whole thing from your own point of view. You sure How do you know how many members of the group you are currently on WhatsApp and also how many group admins you have?

Understanding that you are an admin of the groups you started with, but the problem with WhatsApp is that anyone can save your number on their mobile and make you a member of that group and also if you want, you get the message when you are made a member. General Chat Chat Lounge You get a message when you are made a member. If you do not get out of the group by making a decision right away, then you may face difficulties in the future.

Also, WhatsApp does not have a separate system for chatting with groups and individuals, different from the name or profile pics we can infer from that group, but WhatsApp itself does not clearly show individual chat and group chat. This lets you admin in a group If made, you may not even know that you have now become an admin in that group until you open the group chat and check its notifications or silent information!

It is difficult for anyone to accurately track every group chat on WhatsApp. ‌of course, WhatsApp has now arranged that if you leave a group, it will be difficult for the admin to reconnect with the group. Again the basics. If you go to WhatsApp, you will not find any system that allows you to easily view the list of members you are a member of. So what to do?

What do you do for safety?

One way is to open WhatsApp, open the chat to whatever group it appears in. Click on the group name in the heading and check who is in the group besides you.

See what kind of post is placed in the group and, especially, whether you have an admin in it. If the group does not seem to be trusted, then exit it and then delete the group.

This route is not accurate as this way, you will only be able to reach the exit group. Groups that have no posts in a few days will escape your gaze.

Another way is to take advantage of one of the benefits of WhatsApp. Shows any of our contacts in WhatsApp and how many common group members we are.

That is why by searching any contact in WhatsApp by clicking on their name, in addition to their various information, we get to know them and how many people.

To take advantage of this feature, find your number in your phone's address-book. It just so happens that you don't get your own number!

Then search again by adding or removing zeros before the number. If not, add your same number in the contact book with the name ABCD. Now in the Contact app itself, an 'ABCD' number will be found in the WhatsApp.

Click the link to send a WhatsApp message to that number. This will open the chat page with the number in WhatsApp.

Clicking on that number will open its Info page (which is really ours!). Now by checking this number and 'how many common groups are we in, we will know exactly how many groups we are in. Now you have to decide whether you want to be in that group or not.

Check out a simple talk, see how difficult WhatsApp can be! Even more difficult is when you are a member of a large group and each of these groups has to be clicked and searched.

WhatsApp is a good app but we also need to understand its strangeness (whatever it is randomly admin) and the risky aspects of our reckless use.


If you exit a group, you will be removed from that group. However, you will see this group in your chat tab and you will be able to view its chat history. If you are the only group admin and you leave the group, any of the remaining members are selected as an admin.

By creating a group in WhatsApp, anyone else can be a member by number. Of course, now you can prevent this from happening.

If only one person in that group has admin and leaves the group, then any other person in the group can be done, even if the member is automatically made admin.

You are reported to be a member or admin in a group, but if you miss it, it is your responsibility to post to the group.

So now you have understood how you can go to jail by becoming an admin of WhatsApp group.

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Jai Hind Jay Bharat, Vande Mataram

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