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What is cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a model of computer data storage in which digital data is stored in a logical pool. Physical storage extends to multiple servers (sometimes to multiple locations), and the physical environment is usually owned and managed by a hosting company. These cloud storage providers are responsible for keeping the data available and accessible, and for protecting and operating the physical environment. People and organizations purchase or lease storage capacity from providers to store user, organization, or application data.

Cloud storage services can be accessed through a collated cloud computing service, web service application application programming interface (API) or by using applications such as cloud desktop storage, cloud storage gateway or web based content management systems.

Cloud storage services can be accessed via the Clouded Cloud Computing Service, Web Services Application Application Programming Interface (API), or applications using applications such as Cloud Desktop Storage, Cloud Storage Gateway, or web-based content management systems.

Let's just say it in simple words if our working file is saved or the photograph, songs, videos, sms, etc. are stored in the mobile, then the file is saved to our computer or mobile, which is the same device. 

This is the type of general storage and when we open the e-mail summary or the Facebook site, it gets loud storage that we want uploaded text, photographs or videos from important people of ourselves or others. In short, whatever is stored inside our computer or mobile is common storage and cloud storage that can be viewed from different devices. The point is that for a long time we have all been using cloud computing or cloud storage inadvertently. 

Using cloud storage for us 

There are many options available on the internet for cloud storage of important files for us, the three most popular of which are Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive and Dropbox. Currently 5 GB (including Gmail and Google Plus Photos) can be found in Google Drive, 5 GB in One Drive and 5 GB in Dropbox in a space free account. We can upload different types of files by opening a free account in any of these services.

If we upload a file from a mobile or computer to our account in this service, then that file is saved in the server of that service. One thing to keep in mind when starting to use cloud storage is that just saving your files in cloud storage isn't enough. We should also be able to work on it, by accessing that file in any tool.

However, there are many types of software that can run on a computer. If the file of such software is stored in the cloud we can download it to another computer, but then in order for it to work, the software needs to be in another computer.

Generally, there is no such problem with Auxis (Auxis is a leading management consulting and outsourcing firm focused on helping organizations achieve Peak Performance in their Back-Office Operations.) software such as Word, Excel PowerPoint, etc. Now that the various simple options of these programs are also available, we can work on these types of files stored in the cloud without having to access them from any device, without downloading them.

Another great advantage of cloud storage is that files stored in the cloud can be easily shared with others and work with more than one person on the same file. With all this in mind, let's explore some of the cloud storage options.

Cloud Storage Drive


One Drive

If you are using Microsoft programs in the office, you can also work on the various office files stored in this drive as a web version of Microsoft Office. After Microsoft's new app, there has been no hassle of installing different apps.

Free account gets 5 GB space, but does not include office apps. The Office 365 pay option offers 100 GB, 1 TB and 6 TB options. OneDrive's popularity is increasing with more focus on Microsoft Android apps. 

Drive link: OneDrive

If data privacy is of the utmost importance to you, it is also worth paying attention to this service. It can range from a free personal plan to a paid plan. The personal plan comes with 8 GB of space and also the facility to share files and folders.

Sync ensures end-to-end encryption of our data - even in a free plan. Of course if there are significant limitations in collaboration i.e. sharing in the plan in the sink, this service is mainly considered better for safe backup.

Drive link: Sync

Google Drive

Google Drive

In particular, it is a cloud service that is rapidly becoming more and more popular due to Android. 15 GB space is available in the free account and more storage is also available in the paid service for the company.

If you have a Google account, you can log in to Google Drive on a PC or smartphone and store many different types of files in it. It also comes with programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint with Docs, Sheets and Slides. Their separate apps have to be installed in the smartphone, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files can also be edited in the drive and work together by sharing entire files and folders with others.

Drive link: Google Drive

i Cloud Drive

i Cloud

iCloud and iCloud Drive are two specialized services provided for Apple device users to help prevent data loss. However, for many Apple users, finding the right iCloud or iCloud Drive is not an easy task.

Although some of them have been using Apple devices for a long time, they probably can't tell from iCloud to iCloud Drive. If you are confused about these two services, you can search Google for the difference between iCloud and iCloud Drive.

If you have an Apple account, you get 5 GB of free space in iCloud Drive. You can access it by storing files of various formats Podcasts, Documents, Photos, Music etc. you want here.

Drive link: iColud


Dropbox has long been a popular cloud storage service. Although it has much less storage compared to other services, many people want to keep their files away from Google or Microsoft. They store their files on Dropbox. However, there is only 3 GB of account space in the free account, which can be expanded in different ways, for free.

Folders and files can be shared here. With Microsoft Office 7 as well as its integration, Office Files can be opened and worked on in its web version, making it easier to store computer files in Dropbox using Smart Sync.

Drive link: Dropbox

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive

Like Google and Microsoft, Amazon has a big name in cloud storage. Because of Android, Google has more foothold among the average user, but small and large businesses are turning more heavily to Microsoft and Amazon.

For the average user, Amazon offers 5 GB of space. If you have an account with Amazon you can store your photos, videos and other files in its privacy and work on it together by sharing. Amazon also now has the facility to store and edit Microsoft Office files.

Drive link:


Android: Playstore

Media Fire

Media Fire

Again, if you want to stay away from tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple etc., you can try the option of Media Fire if only 2 GB of free space of Dropbox is too little. It gets 10 GB of free space in the fee account and then, in various ways like Dropbox you can increase the free space, which can reach up to 50 GB.

In the free plan, advertisements are shown at the time of download. It offers the facility of storing only one file of full 4 GB. As such, it is also used to share large files with others. There is also the convenience of not sharing the link with anyone after sharing it.

Drive link: Mediafire

Box Cloud Storage:

Box Cloud Storage

One more service to easily store and edit Office documents in the cloud. The box comes with 10 GB of space in the fee account. It also sometimes has the opportunity to increase the space in the free. Uploaded files are easy to find and share. The file or folder you share doesn't need to have an account in the box.

This service can be availed in both mobile and PC. A number of uploaded files can be simultaneously downloaded as a zip folder. Of course there is a big limitation that it can only upload files up to 250 MB per file.

Drive link: Box



If you are only interested in more free storage, if you have less than 16 GB of Google Prive space then you have an option Mega.The service claims 50 GB of free storage in its free account. Here is the facility to organize files in different folders. More than one file can be downloaded as a zip file. 

A company may take a look at your data stored in another drive, while files stored in Mega are claimed to be end-to-end encrypted. If you forget your password, you may lose all data.

Drive link: Mega

Pay attention

Pay attention

Before choosing a cloud storage service, decide what you want from it. There are a lot of options besides what we saw here, but we need to decide what is important to us. Do we just want to store files? Also work on those files from anywhere? Do we have to work with others or just ourselves? Are certain office programs only necessary or can others run? In addition to us, you will decide your service after understanding what will benefit our client. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

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