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Technology has now penetrated into masks too!

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Technology has now penetrated into masks too!

After the passage of the corona virus the load on the ear has increased and masks have become indispensable. Then there are the two types of innovations in simple masks. Some companies have added Bluetooth headphones to the mask itself. So one company has given the mask a new look by adding fans, sensors and batteries to the mask. This type of mask is fitted with a battery powered air purifier. This air purifier is operated using two fans and a respiratory sensor.

Bluetooth Mask
 Bluetooth Mask | Image By: flipkart.com

The sensor fluctuates the speed of the fan depending on how much and at what speed the person wearing the mask breathes and controls the air circulation inside and outside the mask. The 820 mAh battery in the mask can last up to eight hours in low mode. The mask found in the case also acts as a mask charger and also disinfects the mask with UV-LED. Not only this, the mask can also be connected to the company's mobile app! This mask is available on flipkart .

Increase in ransomware attacks in India

During the April-June period this year, it showed a 200 per cent increase in ransomware attacks in India compared to the previous quarter. Due to the lockdown during this period, the karma chari of a large company with relatively good cyber security also started working from their own homes, adding that the security of the entire company was weakened and hackers were given a free hand.

The ransomware attack previously demanded a ransom for simply blocking the data and unblocking it. But according to a cybersecurity expert, hackers have become smarter and are stealing sensitive data in addition to blocking data.

Beware of fake websites!

JioMart logo
JioMart logo | by: Jio Platforms Limited

In India, any topic has always been a topic of wide discussion and a number of closed websites and apps with similar names have sprung up to take advantage of it. This has been seen in the case of Aadhaar Card, UPI, Ayushyaman Bharat Yojana etc. As people search for this topic on the internet, many people are becoming active to take advantage of it.

Their goal is to generate as much revenue as possible from ads by creating a site or app about the subject and getting traffic to it. So many apps also have the malice of stealing data by inserting malware into smart phones. Even when Reliance Jio initially rocked the mobile market in India by offering a completely free service, a number of sites and apps with its own name exploded. Now that history is repeating itself. The company's e-commerce initiative, Geo Mart, has led to the creation of a fake website with a similar name.

Hackers add Jiomart look website, just a little bit change in its URL. People can lose money in the lure of huge discounts on such a site. Jiomart's original website is jiomamart.com. Anything else written between Jiomart and corn would be a fake site. Don’t try to go to Jiomart’s website by clicking on any of the links shared with the huge discount claims.

Official App of JioMart:  JioMart-Official App

Official Website: jiomamart.com

Increase the number of users of gaming sites

Increase the number of users of gaming sites
Play Indian Rummy Online & Win Real Cash | Image by: RummyCircle.com

The number of users of online and real money gaming sites in India is steadily increasing. According to an upcoming report, millions of new users joined the site daily during the lockdown. Now that the lockdown has opened, people are trying their luck at the site hoping to earn something.

Especially in the small towns and villages of Hindi speaking states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, people are turning to online gaming on a large scale. On such a site or app at the beginning and to some extent people seem to be able to win money and its taste. Not every user earns money on such a site but then it becomes difficult to get rid of his attachment. Download best adventures game Brothers: A Tale OF Two Sons free for android.

WeChat also banned WeChat after Tiktok!

In the US, the US government has ordered Tiktok to sell its business in the US to a US company within 45 days. If this is not done, Tiktok will be banned in the US as well as in India. Currently, companies like Microsoft and Walmart are trying to buy Tiktok. The names of companies like Google and Netflix, on the other hand, were in the discussion, but both companies said they had no interest in Tiktok.

Meanwhile, the WeChat app is likely to be banned in the US after Tiktok. WeChat is hugely popular as a chatting and commercial platform in China, but Donald Trump has banned all US companies operating in the US and outside the US (including China) from using the WeChat platform. The ban will take effect by the end of September.

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