Take a tour of Dubai this year, in a slightly different way

Various attractions of Dubai city In a panoramic view, we can see this city in a unique way at the touch of a finger.

Take a tour of Dubai this year, in a slightly different way

The camera of your smartphone is mostly for the convenience of taking panoramic photographs and sometimes you have even used it. In a panoramic photo, taking a single scene from left to right, one after the other, all join together and form a very wide rectangular panoramic photo.

Atlantis The Palm Dubai Luxury Hotel

Going beyond that, a 360-degree panorama is also created. Starting from many luxury hotels in the world, real estate developers have started introducing their projects to people at home, by going to Google Maps, we can see how many restaurants and retail showrooms. But we have to take note of the fact that there is something new in this seemingly old thing. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Game for PC download free.

We know that the Gulf countries have a lot of money and they use the money to create new wonders by inviting experts from all over the world in different fields. Have to develop a real estate project.

Dubai Burj Kalifa

Now the way to show such wonders to the whole world should also be weird ?! Maybe that's why the Crown Prince (Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum) of Dubai has created a unique website: https://dubai360.com/

Dubai 360 website Screenshot

The website offers a 360-degree panoramic view of Dubai's well-known tourist attractions. If you want, you can explore the various attractions of Dubai city and see it in a new light. An interactive tour can also be done here. It is not possible to go to Dubai at the present time, but even if you could go, you would not be able to see the fun of this city in this way.

Along with this website, a combination of a time-lapse video and a 360-degree panoramic view covers the activities that take place at Dubai International Airport for 8 hours in a video of barely four and a half minutes. From a good height right in the center of the airport building, we can see more than 1000 lenses landing or ascending to the airport for 30 consecutive hours. As a result, we can see how a whole day and night is spent at a busy airport - just in a four and a half minute video.

The duration of this entire shooting is 30 hours, but we can see the time-lapse in minutes of calculation. This multimedia panorama is also interactive, which means it looks like we are watching a video, but we can look at different corners of the airport by dragging with the mouse!

It is also convenient to watch non-interactive videos instead of interactive panoramas. Search YouTube to watch the video: Dubai360 presents the world's first 8K 360-degree video.

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