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Tech News: Now NRIs also benefit from UPI

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Now NRI (non-resident Indians) is also benefit from UPI

Now NRIs also benefit from UPI
NPCI, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

India's Unified Payment Interface (UPI) facility has now been added to PayPal's International Digital Money Transfer Service Zoom, a popular payment gateway abroad for years. This will enable non-resident Indians living in the US, Canada and Europe and people of Indian descent to easily transfer money to their family or friends in India. PayPal Zoom users will be able to make UPI-based transactions with the help of a total of 66 banks, including all the leading banks in India. BATMAN : THE DARK KNIGHT RISES REMASTERED 2020

Earnings from news content

Technology giants such as Google and Facebook have seen significant changes in the way people view news. Newspapers and magazines around the world run their own news websites and it is estimated that about 80 percent of their traffic comes from Google and Facebook. But in this whole system, Google and Facebook take a lot of revenue. Which is why news content publishers constantly object. Now the media in France and Australia have taken a tough stance to get money from Google and Facebook. Google initially protested a bit against this. He shut down his news site in Spain as pressure mounted on him to pay. GTA VICE CITY For ANDROID DOWNLOAD (APK+DATA) But now in France, Google has agreed to pay publishers for content viewed by Google by signing copyright agreements with six major French newspapers and magazines. Similar laws are being passed in Australia, but Google is in the mood to fight. No such movement is seen in India yet.

5G smartphone sales surge

5G smartphone sales surge

5G enabled smartphones are on the rise in India. Sales of 5G smartphones in India are expected to increase sharply to 38 million this year. 5G enabled smartphones arrived in India but due to their high cost and 5G network is not yet available, their sales were growing slowly, but now such phones are available for less than Rs 20,000 and against them 5G network Sales of 5G smartphones in India have soared as the prospect of meeting them in the near future has increased. MPL Rogue Heist - India's 1st Shooter Game - New!

A smartphone like a smaller version of a laptop

While most mobile manufacturing companies are now focusing on developing smartphones with foldable or large and bezelless (i.e. at least part of the hardware other than the screen) screens, a new smartphone called Astro Slide 5G has been given a laptop-like keyboard. This smartphone can be said to be a combination of laptop and faulty phone as it has a screen at the top and a keyboard at the bottom like a laptop. Sliding the screen and sliding it on the keyboard makes it the same size as a normal mobile. However, the question is how acceptable this new category of mobile device will be.

New voice assistant for cars

Alexa voice assistant for cars

At present, various car companies offer the facility of connecting the car's infotainment system to the Internet with the help of Android Auto or Apple Auto in their cars and controlling it with the help of voice assistant. Now soon various car companies will also be able to take advantage of Amazon's voice assistant Alexa system in cars. Amazon has developed a new system called Alexa Custom Assistant, which the car company will be able to customize to suit its needs. Apparently, this voice assistant system in the car will also be integrated with other voice based home products from Amazon Alexa.

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