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Windows Tips and Tricks

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Windows Tips and Tricks

Windows Tips and Tricks

Jump list: a work convenience

One feature you need to know if you are using Windows 7 operating system is Jump Lits in the taskbar.

Once the computer is turned on, you may know that the bar at the bottom of the monitor is called the taskbar. The icon of the program or folder we open is visible in this taskbar, so that if we want to move from one folder to another, we can go to it by left-clicking on its icon.

The jump list feature is available by right-clicking the mouse. In a way this jump list serves as a shortcut for us, allowing us to easily access the file we frequently open in any program that is open in the computer.

If you're working on another program by opening Firefox and need to revisit a site we've seen in Firefox, then right-clicking on the Firefox icon in the taskbar will see links to the webpage we've visited frequently.

Now if any of these pages are like Gmail's page, which you open frequently, by moving the mouse cursor over it, it is highlighted and to its right, the page gets the option to be permanently pinned to the jump list. Pin Gmail, so if all the other pages in the jump list keep changing, Gmail's link will definitely appear at the top!

In addition to the jump list, Firefox will also have a link to a task such as opening a new tab or a new window. If you want to close all Firefox windows at once, you can do so from here.

According to each program, the information found in the jump list varies. If you look at it like this, it is a very small convenience, but it is a habit!

Speed ​​up Windows 10 

Do you have a Windows 10 PC or laptop? Does it have two or four GB of RAM, which is insufficient by today's standards? As a result, do you have a complaint that your PC / laptop is constantly running slow? You can speed up your computer by simply changing a setting in the system properties of the computer. To access this setting, do a court search on your computer or right-click on 'This PC' in Windows Explorer and select 'Properties'. Once the window opens, click 'Advanced System Settings'.

Now a window with different tabs will open. In the 'Advanced' tab, click on 'Settings' in 'Performance'. In the 'Visual Effects' tab, select 'Adjust for Best Performance' and click OK. 

Doing so will stop the animations and visual effects seen taking various actions in the computer. You may notice a difference in the icons and fonts of the computer but it will make a big difference in the performance of the computer.

However, this will reduce the fun of using a computer. If you do not want to lose everything, enable the 'Custom' button in the same window, select the settings you want to keep on from the various options given in it, close the remaining animations and click OK. This way you can improve the performance of the computer while maintaining the fun of working

How to Disable “The System has recovered from a serious error”

“The System has recovered from a serious error”

You may have noticed at times that Windows needs a shutdown when something goes wrong with a program. You will also see a button to send or not send an error report to the company. Most likely, you will be advised to send a report. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Game for PC - New!

Thus, such a crash report gives Microsoft an opportunity to find out where the problem was in the program, but if for some reason you do not want such a notice, take the following steps:

By clicking the Start button, go to Control Panel. Click on the 'System and Security' link.

Click on the 'Action Center'.

Click 'Change Action Center Settings' on the left.

In the new window, click the 'Problem Reporting Settings in Related Settings' link below.

Here you will find four options. Enabling the last option ‘Never Check for Solutions’ will stop the error reporting process and you will never see an error reporting notice. However, this does not mean that the error will not come!

If you want to stop this process for certain programs, you will also find the option at the bottom of the window. The bottom line is that during this entire trip to the control panel, you will be introduced to many other Windows settings as well.

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