Free Service For Coloring Black & White Photographs

 Artificial intelligence has made it much easier to color photos and videos.

Colorize Compare Photo

The days of black and white films and photos are long gone, but many homes still have black and white pictures from an old suitcase or box when Diwali is cleaned. Many photo studios or labs do the job of coloring such pictures of departed elders nicely with the help of professional software like Photoshop, but now you can do it yourself if you want - of course, there are enough results now. You have to be prepared to be disappointed.

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However, this is one of the many examples of how artificial intelligence and machine learning can work wonders - a service that automatically colors grayscale images. Google right now

A lot of services including are trying to bring perfection in this. Google announced during its Developers Conference in May 1918 that it was working on a feature that could be used to colorize black and white photos in the Google Photos app. But the stable version of it still has not reached us, showing that the work will be difficult!

Some users now have a photo coloring feature in their updated Google Photos app. Once you have this feature in your app, you will open any black and white photo in the photos and you will see the option to 'colorize' when you go into edit mode for it.

We will select the “Colorize Filter” then the app will analyze the image and color the image as it sees fit. We will then be able to save the colored version of that image in the library as a copy of the original image.

Meanwhile, a number of other companies besides Google are also making efforts in this direction and have come a long way. Take a look at some of these services that you can use to color your old black and white photos!

There are other such services as well, but the ones we are talking about here are all free tools and there is no limit to the number of photos.

In this type of paid service, more features are available and even significant adjustments can be made after the photo is automatically colored, but no one can reach Photoshop for that job!

4 Free Service For Coloring Old Black & White Photos

1. Algorithmia


Probably the smartest tool for coloring black and white photos. Just upload a photo and automatically add colors to the photograph without any signup or setting. The result is a slider in between, which can be dragged left or right to compare what the original photo looked like and what happened after it was colored. Absolutely easy to use and totally free. Of course the name of this company will be seen in the corner in the downloaded photo. The disadvantage  is that we can not choose colors in our own way. If you are interested in image related technology, find out more about this company's website - it does a lot more than just add color to photos!

2. DeepAI

This is also a free online tool. The site claims that its system is based on a deep learning model, which provides training on how to color a photo by showing grayscale and color versions of numerous images. Also in this service we can only upload images of 1200 px resolution.

So if it is a big size, the system makes it smaller. The colored image can be saved to our device by right-clicking. This is actually an API service, so experts can use it in their own way. 

3. Petalica Paint

Petalica Paint

This is a slightly different type of service. It colors black and white images but is also designed to automatically color sketch images or line drawings. So it can get better results in sketches / photos like landscapes or flowers than the faces of individuals.

This Japanese service allows us to play a little more with the image, so we can experiment with it. This service is also quite easy to use. In addition to automatic coloring, there is also a manual option. It can be used without signing up.


One more online tool to color black and white images for free. After reaching the site we can drag and drop the black and white image from the device into the system of this site. This site also has a photo size limit. Photographs larger than 1200 pixels cannot be uploaded. If we do, the system makes it smaller.

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