How does a website distinguish between man and machine?

If we delve a little deeper into the everyday things that appear on the screen and in general, we will learn a lot!

At one time there was only one-way communication on the Internet. Different websites have heaps of content that different users can read. There is nothing we can do about it.

Times have changed and the Internet has become a very interactive medium. We can all contribute to this new type of Internet in our own way. If you like an article on someone's blog, we can give our opinion about it in the comment box below. On social media, everything is based on user-added content. The fact that we can participate in online surveys on various sites is also a part of the interactivity.

All of this made the Internet a more lively medium. But it also had a big side effect. The higher the user activity on different websites on the internet, the higher the chances of earning a site. There are many ways to earn money on the internet, but the ultimate basis is the amount of activity on different sites.

Because of this, some scammers have come up with shortcuts - if the people living on the site do not do the activity of writing a comment, then instead of getting the job done by computer programs.

These programs, known as 'bots', have caused quite a stir on the Internet. It is estimated that more than half of the traffic on the Internet today is not real people but fake traffic generated by this type of bot. Fake orders from the box on online shopping citrus can also be a big problem.

Advent of captcha

Google reCAPTCHA
Image by: reCAPTCHA Help

Boat-based fake traffic has a serious impact on the entire Internet economy. Therefore, there is an urgent need to reduce the amount of counterfeit activity. That is, now when writing a comment on most of the site or giving any other input, we have to prove that we are living, awake people, not a computer program.

The system used to ensure this is known as 'captcha'. Captcha is used to prevent a computer program from running a spam comment instead of a man in a blog or site.The full name of CAPTCHA in English is CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart).

Didn't understand the word 'Turing test' in the whole English name of this captcha? Alan Turing, an English mathematician in the 1940's and 1950's, gave a method to check whether a computer could think like a human, which later became known as the Turing test in his honor!.

Alan Turing is considered the father of modern computing and his research is also used in today's highly acclaimed Artificial Intelligence technology base. Even his research-based captcha method involves rewriting letters or numbers that are difficult to read, which we humans can recognize, but bots cannot recognize.

However, most people find it very uncomfortable to write with such a messy letter. If there is a problem in solving the letter, then the exercise has to be done again. As a result, some people simply go to another site on the Internet instead of trying to solve a captcha if it is just a simple task like writing a comment. As a result, you don't get the interaction you need on that site!

As a solution to this, very few addition and subtraction examples are asked on some sites and if the answer is found, it proves to be a man and a comment can be made on the site. This method is as easy for man as it is for a boat imitating man! Google, meanwhile, bought the technology in 2009.

The reason Google got interested in this technology was a lot of fun. Google has embarked on a massive campaign to digitize printed text around the world, using a technology called Optical Character Decoration (OCR), which recognizes computer printed word and converts it into editable form.

Image by: reCAPTCHA Help

If the printed word is distorted for some reason i.e. crooked then the machine cannot solve it exactly. As a solution to this, Google began to pass the work of solving such words to millions of people around the world. Such unresolved word-letters are used in Google Captcha and we make Google's work easier by solving those letters to prove that we are all human!

ReCAPTCHA led by Google

Image by: reCAPTCHA Help

Now Google has advanced the concept of captcha. Apparently, Google has also pursued its own interests. Of course, the website's administrators are asked to create photographs of various public places, based on Google's Street View service in the new form of captcha, giving them an easier way to secure them, and to identify certain of them, such as car photographs. Sometimes if we are not satisfied with the result of the first exam, we have to give the second exam as well.

Because of this, Google's system receives input from millions of people at once to see what's in the picture! All of this seems to work for Google to develop services such as Photos and Computer Vision.

Invisible ReCAPTCHA

In today's age of machine learning and artificial intelligence, computers are competing with humans for intelligence, and this has had an impact on recapture. Google's ReCAPTCHA is now easily solved by the computer itself with the help of Artificial Intelligence! If you want, you can add special extensions to your computer's browser whenever you want to solve a recap, so you can adjust the browser's extension to complete the exercise instead. It is believed that now about 99 percent of Richa's questions can be solved by a computer in this way. This means that there is a need for Google to find a solution.

That's why Google has implemented invisible 'reCAPTCHA' technology that proves that we are human even though we don't see any form or question on the screen! In this method we are not asked to solve any letters or identify the picture, but keep checking our activity on the code screen placed in such a way that it is not visible to us inside the website.

Based on our speed of page scrolling, speed of typing on the page, movement of mouse or touch, etc., this code determines whether the visitor of that page of the website at that moment is a man or a computer program! If the code confirms that we are human then we are not asked to solve a character or identify a picture and we can easily do something like write a comment. But we are told to do all these exercises if the code makes the activities on the page look suspicious at all! If we delve a little deeper into the things that appear on our mobile or PC screens every day, we can learn a lot.

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