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Apple iOS 14.5 New Update and it's Futcher

iOS 14.5
Image by: Chance Miller via 9to5mac

The latest iOS 14.5 beta 8 is also now rolling out to public beta testers.. A big advantage for Apple users compared to Android is that they can easily take advantage of the latest version in their phone if they want. Let's take a quick look at what new features are available in version 14.5 of iOS.

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What’s new in iOS 14.5

App Tracking: We've talked a lot about this new feature in iOS. Because of this feature, various app users will have to clearly state how they are tracking us and the app developer will also have to ask for the user's permission on whether or not to allow tracking. There has been a long-running battle between Facebook and Apple over this issue.

Unlocking phones with Apple Watch: Masks are becoming a major hurdle in unlocking phones with Face ID as masks have become indispensable for everyone in the post-Corona world. With the latest version of iOS we will be able to unlock our iPhone with the help of Apple Watch while wearing a mask.

Battery Power: The latest version of iOS has added a new feature of battery calibration which will allow us to know various things related to the battery of the device and make various settings related to the capacity and performance of the battery.

New Siri Voice: There is good news for you if you are fed up with Siri's one-on-one voice on iPhone. With iOS 14.5 you will be able to choose between male and female voice for Siri. In addition, two new sounds are being added to Siri for the English language.

Improved Compatibility: The new iPhone will support physical SIM and e-SIM Five-G and will also support iPhone and iPad PlayStation Fuel Sense and Xbox Series X / S controllers with the latest iOS update. This means that we can play games on our iPhone or iPad with the help of this other type of controller.

New Emoji: In the new version of iOS, Apple will release a total of 217 new emojis. Needless to say, this also includes corona vaccination related emojis!

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