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A unique train trip to the US, a two-day tour in a coach with a ticket of 1.25 lakh and a glass roof

Truly Moving Train Journeys

The majesty of the Rockies meets the comfort of luxury train travel.

Rocky Mountaineer
Image by: rockymountaineer

The best mode of travel in India is the train. Buses cannot reach everywhere and the aircraft cannot be afforded by all. The situation in America is reversed. Most Americans don't travel by train even once in their lives. So they don't realize what a railway journey is like. There are very few railway lines operating in the United States, otherwise the whole country prefers air travel. Therefore, a train travel company called Rocky Mountaineer has launched a new trip so that American tourists can realize the train journey. 

Journey Through The Clouds

The train sails from Danever in Colorado state to Moab (City in Utahin) the neighbouring state of Utah. In the meantime, there are some of the best travel destinations in the United States. There is no crossing of rocks that have been standing in Colorado for millions of years. The train passes through it. The train route also leaves the Arc National Park. By name, this National Park is known for its arches. 

A memorable and luxurious experience

Stone arches have been standing there for millions of years. The world famous Kolarado river is also seen during the train journey. Train tickets start at $1564 (Rs 1.17 lakh), including trips, meals, and landings wherever a hotel stay comes. The design of the coach is one more reason why the journey is fun than manzil. The glass is fitted on the coach, so the view outside can be seen wonderfully by sitting on this train just as the vistadome coach train that started there started up to Kevadia. Since there is a tourist special train, the facility from kitchen to chairs has been set up keeping in mind the tourists. 3 employees in the door compartment are constantly on standby in the service of passengers. 10 kits wide. More than 56 passengers are prohibited from boarding coaches 15 to 18 feet high and 85 feet long.

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