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These floating gardens of Bangladesh are considered agricultural heritage

floating gardens of Bangladesh

Excessive rainfall damages agriculture just like water scarcity. The entire crop is washed away when the water flow of rivers turns on the standing crop. Floating gardens are prepared and cultivated in Bangladesh to solve this problem sustainability (Sustainability is the capacity to maintain in an ongoing way across various domains of life. In the 21st century, it refers generally to the capacity for Earth's biosphere and human civilization to co-exist.).

Various vegetable crops can be easily grown in this floating garden which floats even when there is a huge flood. Although the problem of carbon emissions in Bangladesh is not high, these floating fields have become a blessing when poor farmers are suffering from climate change. These floating gardens have become a source of income in flood affected rural areas. However, these floating gardens are cultivated before there was no climate change in the world. People knew the technique of farming in floating gardens when rivers were flooded during the rainy season decades ago.

Floating Gardens

These floating gardens are built using water plants that are wrapped in water like water. He moves along the waves of water. In this way, these floating gardens are like a floating bed. The water that spreads in this floating garden produces a deep layer of 3 feet after years from the vegetation. In the middle of the cavity, short-term vegetable crops can be sown just like the field.  Fertilizers are made from rotten waste when the plant dries up after crop production.

Such floating gardens in Bangladesh are specially found in areas flowing through rivers. Vegetables like okra, milky, aubergine and spinach can be easily grown in these gardens. Some farmers also produce limited quantities of turmeric and ginger. Floating gardens are also found in one or two places in India, Cambodia, but the UN National Food and Agriculture Organization has given these floating gardens in Bangladesh the status of agricultural heritage.

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