Tokyo Olympics ban players from shouting and cheering!

Tokyo Olympics!


- 10,000 spectators will be admitted to the stadium with strict rules
- It is natural for people to get excited, but we have to find new options for its expression. Plane towels cannot be waved.

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Tokyo, Date. 23

The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics have spoken some increasingly unconvincing and surprising rules in Corona's name. Organizers have vetoed players from shouting and cheering so that the covid does not spread. In short, the spectators present in the stadium will not be worldly-wise to cheer the players. In addition, spectators may not receive autographs of players. Drinking is prohibited in the stadium, but at the same time, the spectators cannot plane greet each other.

"We have to tenancy our enthusiasm to alimony the Games safe," said Seiko Hashimoto, the throne of the Olympic organizing committee. Organizers will have to come up with new ideas to maintain a party-like atmosphere. Organizers have unreliable 10,000 spectators to enter the stadiums during the Tokyo Olympics. Of course, he has moreover spoken that the way the spectators are triumphal and partying in the Euro Cup, the scenes will not be seen in the Olympics.

The regulars will not cheer the players. They cannot come into uncontrived contact with each other plane inside. After the tournament or match is over, the spectators have to get up from their seats and go straight to their place of departure. No one will be unreliable to support the players by asking for their autographs or shouting. It is moreover forbidden to wave a towel in the air or to cheer in any other way.

"It's not easy to maintain a festive undercurrent surrounded by strict rules," Hashimoto said. It's natural for people to have thrilled in their hearts, but they can't express it out loud. Japan has once refused to shoehorn foreign tourists during the Olympics.

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