Upcoming changes in Android

Upcoming changes in Android

The way we all use Android phones will transpiration in various ways soon. Google visitor is bringing some changes to its variegated apps for Android. Let's take a squint at it here.

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Google is modernizing the old SMS service with the help of rich liaison services withal with various mobile provider companies in the world. Due to this, modern features like WhatsApp or other messaging services are now misogynist in the old SMS. Now Google has started end-to-end encryption like WhatsApp in its Messages app. To avail of this service, yack features need to be turned on in messages at both the sender and the recipient end. Currently, end-to-end encryption is a misogynist for yack between only two people. It is not misogynist in group chats.

In WhatsApp, we can mark important messages we want to see then in the future as stars. This facility is moreover stuff widow to Google's Messages app. Since we are hit by numerous SMs every day, it is difficult to get important SMs out of them. Next time we can print the work message for a long time and add a star to it and then see it in the list of starred messages at any time.

Google's G-Board keyboard will now suggest creating custom emojis based on the messages we type. Of course, this full-length will initially wield only to messages written in English (and Spanish and Portuguese, useless to us!) language.

With the help of Google Assistant, we can work with various voice commands on smartphones. For example, you can't take a phone in your hand while cooking, but if someone wants to connect a call, you can requite a voice writ that hey Google, undeniability mom and put me on a speaker (interested in that?! For this, you have to go to Google Assistant's settings and train the phone to recognize your voice once). Now, this facility is going a step further. Now we can unshut a stock-still app by giving voice writ and reach a stock-still page in it. For example, if you are walking regularly and keeping a note of your steps in the Google Fit app, you will soon be worldly-wise to requite Google a voice writ that hey Google, Check My Steps in Google Fit'.

If your car has an Android auto-based infotainment system or if you use the Android Auto app on your mobile while driving a car, new changes are now coming. The Android Auto app will add an app related to EV charging and parking. In addition, it will be easier to read or send messages in apps like Google Messages and WhatsApp than driving a car!

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