Football Fever in England: A ticket to the final costs Rs 56 lakh

Football Fever in England

Football Fever in England: A ticket to the final costs Rs 56 lakh


- Thousands flock to Wembley Stadium: Security beefed up

- Football fans are buying tickets with 180 times increase: Three lakh people demand holiday on Monday if England wins Euro Cup

London, 9 July 2021

With England reaching the final of the major championship of football for the first time in 55 years, the whole country is witnessing a festive atmosphere. In England, which has become a football fever, people have been busy preparing for the celebrations by putting the rules of the corona epidemic in the way. England will face Italy in the Euro Cup final at Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday (after midnight Indian time). Tickets worth 295 pounds of the match are being sold for 54-54 thousand pounds, media reports say. If we price it in Indian rupees, people are buying match tickets worth only Rs 30,000 at Rs 56 lakh. 

Tickets for the Euro Cup final were sold out only last week from the European Football Association's official website. However, tickets are being resold on catalytic websites to earn in England's football fever. People are paying a whopping amount 180 times the value of the ticket.

England won the semi-final against Denmark 2-1. At the time of the victory, thousands of supporters gathered outside Wembley Stadium and the corona rules were blown up. After which the organizers have increased security to prevent such a situation from creating such a situation in the final. Meanwhile, if England wins the Euro Cup, the demand for a holiday across the country on Monday is gaining momentum. The proposal made on parliament's website has been signed by more than three lakh people. 

Meerkat prediction

Meerkat prediction: England will win the Euro Cup

With England and Italy set to clash in the Euro Cup final, the meerkat  of the London zoo have predicted that the England team will make history by winning the Euro Cup. Local authorities put the small national flags of the two countries on the ground and the meerkat were then released. They had knocked down the England flag and from this they predicted that the England team would win.

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