How to Protect files in word?

Password protection of files in Word

Password protection of files in Word

PDF files of account statements we receive from banks or other financial institutions are password protected. In the same way we can password protect important Word documents. The following steps can be taken to provide password protection to a Word document in Windows.

  • Create a new document in Microsoft Word or open a previous file.
  • When you are ready to save the document, click on 'File' and 'Info' option in the menu.
  • Now select the 'Protect Documents' option in the menu that opens.

Password protection of files in Word

  • Now more options will open. Select the 'Encrypt with Password' option (depending on the version of Word, the file may have the option 'Prepare' and directly 'Encrypt Document').
  • You will now be asked to enter a password to secure your document. We will have to retype the password to confirm it.
  • Now saving the document will save it with password protection.
Even when saving a file, next to the save button, the file can be password protected in General Options in Tools.

In the future when we open this document ourselves or send it to someone else and he tries to open the document, the document will not open without this password.

The password we assume can be typed differently when the computer has capslock on or other language input is on. So, if you type the password in Notepad and then copy-paste it, there will be no mistake.

Remember that if you forget the password yourself, it will be very difficult or impossible to open the document.

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