Italy wins Euro Cup after 53 years England's heartbreak in a penalty shootout


Italy wins Euro Cup after 53 years England's heartbreak in a penalty shootout


- Italy's 3-2 victory in a heartbreaking penalty shootout: a state of national mourning in stunned England

- Italian goalkeeper Donaruma, who won the team in the semi-finals and final in a penalty shootout, is the player of the tournament.

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London, 12 July 2021

Italy made history by winning the Euro Cup after 53 years by 'heartbreaking' England, with goalkeeper Gianluigi Donarroma performing brilliantly amid the breathless tension of a penalty shootout. After 3 years, England struggled till the end of the final of the major football tournament and lost to the fans. Italy and England drew 1-1 at an extra time after a penalty shootout at Wembley Stadium in London. In which Italy won 3-2.

Italy won the Euro Cup for the second time since 1968. When England's dream of becoming European champions for the first time was shattered. Fans frustrated by England’s defeat had blows and sabotage at various venues. Italian players and fans were overwhelmed by the victory. While the gloomy atmosphere could be seen as a national shock in England.

Luca Shaw's second-minute goal: Bonucci equalizes for Italy

In the final played in the presence of thousands of fans at Wembley Stadium in London, England took the lead in the second minute with the help of Luca Shaw's goal. With this, the fans of England started celebrating as if they had just won the Euro Cup. Italy tried to get back into the match but had no success until halftime. Bonucci finally equalized in the 67th minute of the second half with a goal. Which lasted for the prescribed 90 minutes. After which there was a goal in extra time. Which led to the decision being taken from a penalty shootout.

Coach Mancini's Italian team is unbeaten in 34 matches in a row

Under the guidance of coach Mancini, the Italian team also holds the record of being unbeaten in the 34th match in a row by winning the Euro Cup final. Mancini took over as coach of Italy in 2018 after failing to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Russia and has not lost a single match since September 2016.

Racial insult to England's penalty-paid footballers

Three England footballers, Rushford, Sancho, and Saka, failed to score in the penalty shootout. Rushford's penalty kick bounced off the goal post. While Sancho and Saka's penalty kick was stopped by Italian goalkeeper Donaruma. All three of England's black players were then racially abused on social media. The Prime Minister of England Boris Johnson and Prince William came forward in support of the players of England. England coach Southgate also defended the players, saying such comments could never be forgiven. This type of comment has been removed from Instagram and Facebook. Twitter has also removed more than 1000 controversial tweets.

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