In the Olympics, the winning athletes will wear medals themselves

Tokyo Olympics Medal Ceremony

For the first time in the history of the Olympics, the winning athletes will wear medals themselves


- Tokyo Olympics: A medal ceremony will be held in the empty stadium

- Winners will also have to wear a mask, not shaking hands or embracing

Tokyo, 14 July

The International Olympic Committee and the organizers have been forced to break many glorious traditions in the wake of the 'New Normal' at the Tokyo Olympics amid the Corona epidemic. The guidelines on Corona have created a situation where the excitement and joy from the Tokyo Olympics as well as the human sensibilities are blown away. For the first time in Olympic history, athletes who have won gold, silver and bronze medals will not be allowed to wear any medals due to new guidelines announced by organizers helpless against the epidemic. They do not hear the roar of applause or the cheers of the audience. Also, his 'victorious smile' and the joy of winning a medal on his face will be covered between the masks!

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Medals will be delivered in trays to the medal winners standing in the podium. The medal winners will be wearing masks and will carry their own medals around their necks. The most unfortunate thing is that the medal ceremony will be held in a crowded stadium without spectators. Where there will be cameras and millions of people will watch them on TV-electronic devices, but the absence of a live audience is sure to give everyone a strange kind of feeling.

The winners will also have to wear masks during the medal ceremony, said Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee. Besides, they can't shake hands with anyone or even hug anyone. The person who will place the medal in the tray will be wearing disinfected gloves. The medal giver may also be wearing a mask. The announcement of the IOC president will be the first of its kind in the history of the Olympics to be such a bizarre, disappointing and unprepared mourning rally. However, given the growing number of cases of leaps and bounds in Tokyo, such strict controls are also needed.

Five thousand Olympic medals were made from 79 tons of old electronic devices

About 5,000 medals have been created from 79 tons of old electronic devices to be awarded to the winner at the Tokyo Olympics. In 2017, a one-year national event was held in Japan, in which people were asked to donate old cellphones and other electronic devices. From which medals have been made. 32 kg of gold, 3500 kg of silver and 2200 kg of bronze have been used to make the medals. The gold medal weighs 9 grams, the highest ever in Olympic gold. Each medal contains six grams of gold. The Silver Medal belongs to Pure Silver. In addition to bronze, the bronze medal also includes gunmetal and zinc.

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