Tech News: New kind of stories in Insta

New kind of stories in Insta


So far we know Instagram as a photo-sharing app. But the company itself wants to increase its focus on video shopping and messaging. A new feature called Exclusive Stories is being added to the follow-up on Instagram. Using this feature, content creators will be able to share stories on Instagram in a way that only their paid users can see. This feature is already available on Twitter under the name SuperFollow and only on sites like Fans and Patriots.

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Control over tweets on Twitter


Instagram has a feature called 'Closed Friends' that allows us to set our own posts so that only people of our choice can see them. Something similar feature is being added to Twitter. This is why when we do any tweet, we can decide who can see this tweet. This feature on Twitter will be known as Trusted Friends.

New ways to share videos in YouTube

If you watch long videos on YouTube from time to time, you will know that it has added a feature to show the video in different chapters like a chapter of a book. This feature has been added since last year so that while watching long videos we can directly access the part of the video that interests us the most. So far there has been a situation where even if we share a link to certain chapters of such a video, the video would already start for them. Now YouTube has fixed the matter. Now while watching the video with chapters in Android's YouTube app, we have to click on the share button after clicking on the name of the chapter. Because of this, the person in front will get a link with the timestamp of the video and they will be able to start watching the video from the chapter we sent the link to.

One more feature comes in WhatsApp


WhatsApp will soon add a new type of feature called 'View Once'. This feature allows us to send a message to others in a personal chat or group that the other person can only read or see once. This feature has not yet been added to WhatsApp for everyone but once it is available we will be able to choose to send it in 'View Once' mode when sending a message.

When you see this message in the person or group in front of it, you will see a small button that says View Once. The sender of the message will be able to know if his message has been delivered like any other message and if the person in front of him has seen it. Of course, sending a message in this way does not mean that it will be completely private. As its screenshot can be taken. Our WhatsApp app needs to be updated to send messages in this mode. But the app does not need to be updated to view or read the message sent in this mode. This kind of feature is already on Instagram. Photo, video, and gif can be sent in this mode.

Google's biggest customer is Apple

Google V/s Apple

If you're using an Apple iPhone or other device, you'll be surprised to learn that Apple uses the servers of Google and Amazon Web Services to securely store your data. Apple has its own huge data servers. But in the last few years, the amount of data generated by Apple users has increased so much that Apple's own servers fall short of it. According to information recently released Apple stores about 8 million terabytes of iCloud data on Google's servers. Apple will pay Google 300 300 million for such storage. What Apple spent on data storage last year has increased by 50 percent this year. Apple is the biggest client for Google. However, because Apple is very conscious about the privacy and security of its users' data, no other data storage company is allowed to view this data. Just as Apple pays Google for data storage, Google pays billions of dollars to include Google search as the default search engine in the iPhone and other Apple devices.

Dialing in the phone app will be easier

Numbers that we have called a number but have not saved in the phonebook can be difficult to find after a while. To address this, a new feature is being added to Google's phone app. This causes the previously dialed but not saved numbers to be displayed when we start typing the number to call again. So that we can quickly select the desired number.

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