Tech News: The issue of money gaming is still unclear

The issue of money gaming is still unclear

The issue of money gaming is still unclear

Games involving real money are becoming extremely popular in India. Among them, the use of gaming apps has skyrocketed since the lockdown last year and such apps are growing at a tremendous rate. In India, online gaming is just gaming and there is no clarity about gambling. The issue is left to the interpretation of the state governments in the constitution. 

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Because of this some states are banning online gaming apps as gambling, while in many states such apps can run baroque. Now news has come that the Prime Minister's Office is also taking a keen interest in the matter. In Karnataka, which is a technology hub in India, the High Court has also asked the Karnataka state government to clarify its interpretation in this regard. Then the future of such apps will become clearer. The Karnataka Advocates Association has appealed to the High Court to ban such apps, which pose a "threat to children's health".

Meanwhile, Google's stance on the issue has been clear so far. Gaming apps that involve real money cannot be downloaded from Google's official Playstore in India. The user has to go to the site of the service and download such an app. But now Google's attitude is changing in other countries. So far only in the UK, Brazil, France and Ireland have such apps been allowed on Playstore. Gambling apps are now allowed on Google's official Playstore in a total of 19 countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, etc. Of course, it will be necessary to check whether the country's gambling laws are complied with.

Clashes between social media and the government also in Hong Kong

Even India's new IT minister has taken a stand against social media sites and tensions between social media sites and the government in India do not seem to be easing. Such a tussle is not unique to India. Now in Hong Kong too, the government and Facebook, Google and Twitter are facing this. Laws related to internet companies in Hong Kong have been changed.

This situation is almost the same as in India. But internet companies in Hong Kong are showing a more aggressive attitude. The Asia Internet Organization, which includes Facebook, Google and Twitter, has threatened Hong Kong that these internet companies will stop operating in Hong Kong if the government goes ahead with the implementation of data protection laws. According to the new law, internet company executives could be sentenced to $1 million in Hong Kong and up to five years in prison.

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