Tokyo Olympic Village open for athletes games countdown begins

 Tokyo Olympic

Countdown to the Games begins with the arrival of athletes at tokyo's Olympic Village


- Daily corona testing of players and officials in the village: Beds prepared from cardboard

- Teams will have to leave within 48 hours of the completion of the olympic competition: Social distanceand masks will be strictly implemented

Tokyo, 13 July

With the implementation of the most stringent rules of the Corona epidemic, the Olympic Village in Tokyo has been opened to players. With this, athletes and officials from all over the world have already started arriving in Tokyo. The outbreak of the epidemic has led to the imposition of state emergency in Tokyo. Athletes will also have to follow strict rules in the Olympic village being held in the meantime. The tokyo olympics, which were suspended for a year due to corona, are set to begin on July 23.

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The International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Games Organizing Committee have developed strict rules of conduct for athletes and officials living in the Olympic Village, as well as team assistants, from wearing masks. About 18,000 athletes and their coaches, as well as other team officials, will be dropped off at the Olympic Village. Athletes-officials living in the Olympic Village will be tested daily to prevent an epidemic from spreading. The village has beds made of cardboard for the Olympians. In addition partitions are also made from cardboard.

Athletes will be admitted to the Olympics just five days before the athletes compete. When the competition is over, the athletes have to leave the Olympic Village within 48 hours. Special dark curtains have been put up in the rooms of the Games Village as the sun rises at 4.40 am in Japan.

Protocol of the Olympic Village

* Everyone living in the Olympic Village will have to undergo a daily saliva antigen test. Everyone has to collect their own sample and give it at the prescribed counter.

* After the antigen test is positive, another test will be done - PCR test will be done, if it is positive, the person will have to go to the fever clinic. Where the third test will take place, if it comes out positive, the person will be out of the games and the doctor will decide whether to isolate him or collect him in the hospital.

* It is mandatory to wear a mask in the Olympic Village. The mask can only be taken off while sleeping and eating.

* Before going for breakfast, the player-official has to see in the app how many people are in the canteen with a capacity of three thousand people?

* Meals should be taken alone in the canteen. Plexiglass is installed around each seat.

* 600 cardio and weight training machines have been placed in the spacious gymnasium for the fittest athletes in the world.

* You have to wear a mask even after sweating after a workout in the gym. Every athlete must be disinfected before using any gym machine.

* As public transport and going out of the village is prohibited, the players will have to go to the place of training or competition only in the allotted buses.

* 17 automatic buses have been installed in the Olympic Village. Which will take the players to their blocks. There is a system where 19 persons can board a bus.

* Drinking alcohol in public or with a person has been prohibited. If a person violates the rules, he will be expelled from the Olympics. 

Electronic car attraction at Tokyo Olympic Village

Special electronic cars will be used to transport athletes and officials at the Tokyo Olympics in Japan, which is leading the technology. Organisers have announced that 90 per cent of the vehicles used for transportation during games will be powered by electronics. The players will be transported to and from the competition as well as the training venue in battery operated vehicles.

48,000 meals dish to be prepared every day: 700 dish menu

A two-storey special cafeteria has been built for athletes and officials living in the Olympic Village. In which 48,000 meal dishes will be prepared every day. The two-storey cafeteria has a seating arrangement of three thousand people. Of course, plexiglasses have been installed on either side of the table in front of a person's seat for meals, so that there is no risk of spreading infection. In addition, the village canteen menu lists about 700 dishes for athletes around the world. Indian food will also be available in the canteen.

The first team to enter the Czech Republic Village

The Tokyo Olympic Village has been opened and the Czech Republic team became the first team to enter the Games Village.

The players of the Indian sailing team reached Tokyo

Athletes from the Indian sailing team have arrived in Tokyo to compete in the Olympics. The Indian sailing team consisted of Varun Thakkar, Ganapathi Chengappa, Vishnu Sarwanan and Nehru Kumanan and their coaches at Haneda Airport in Tokyo. Sailing competitions are starting from 9th. For the first time in the history of the Games, India's record four sailors will take part in three competitions.

Jill Biden will be present at the opening of the Olympics

US President Joe Biden's wife Jill Biden is scheduled to attend the opening ceremony of the Olympics. The opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics, which are being held between the State Emergencies in Tokyo due to Corona, will not allow spectators to enter the competitions. The ceremony will be held only in the presence of invited guests and sponsors.

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